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Your Council is able to provide information and assistance on a range of issues that full within our powers. At Parish level while we do not have the same authority as North Herts District Council there is much that we can achieve on behalf of our residents within our borders. From keeping our areal looking tidy and to community grants for local groups and events you may be surprised on what we can do.

We meet every 2nd Thursday of the month at Great Ashby Community Centre in the new hall at 7:30. Residents are encouraged to attend so they can ask questions and hear the work the Council is involved in.

Here is the procedure for asking a quesiton of the full Council

1. A member of the public can contact the Clerk of the Council on any issues they wish to raise. The query will either be answerd by the Clerk, or if the Clerk feels the Council should respond it will be brought to the attention of the full Council.

2. If they chose to the member of the public can attend and put the question to the Council in person. If they cannot attend then the Council will discuss the item within the agenda. The member of the public can follow up on their question in relation to what the Council decided via the Clerk.

3. Members of the public can also turn up to Council meetings unannounced and place questions direct to the Council. We allow for 15 minutes within our agenda to have issues raised by members of the public. This time period normally starts shortly after the previous months minutes of the Council have been accepted. However outside of this time members of the public are unable to ask questions unless a Councillor or Chair of the Council needs to clarify a point.

4. Members of the public are entitled to be present for the full Council meeting to hear the work the Council is doing, The meeting normally last around and hour to an hour and a half.
5. If you are coming as part of a collected group of residents or a community group it is advised to inform the Clerk first of the questions you want to ask. This will help the Councillors have more time to be aware of the issues to be raised.

5. District Councillors, County Councillors and MPs are welcome to attend meetings. There is a standard agenda item for them to give updates and feedback in formation. As we are informal Councillors may ask follow up questions to clarify issues that relate to agenda items.

6. The Chair is responsible for proceedings and members of the public when in the Council Chamber need to be considerate to others present. Please keep questions to the point and please be polite to all in attendance of the meetings.

7. On rare occasion the Council can make sections of the meeting private, if this happens members of the public and the press will be asked to leave the Council Chamber.

8. The question asked will most times be dealt with at the Council meeting raised. However if there is a need for more information to look at the question it could be deferred to the next Full Council meeting.

9. Residents can communicate a question direct to an individual Councillor to relay to the Clerk or the Council. To have a question discussed at full council the Councillor will still need to formally add it to the agenda before then next full Council meetings occurs.

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Supporting the issues important to our residents, Great Ashby Community Council formed in 2010 and holds a membership of eleven councillors. We believe people should fully enjoy the local area so we strive to continually improve visual and practical aspects of our community. Residents are welcome to attend council meetings held on the second Thursday of each month. 

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