GACC "Big Blanket Knit"

3rd June 2021

The Great Ashby Community Council (GACC) would like to extend a huge thank you to members of the Great Ashby Community who rose to the challenge of knitting squares in response to our “Big Blanket Knit” initiative

GACC were overwhelmed by the response and are very proud to announce that we have received over 450 knitted squares; seen here as laid out in one of our Councillor’s gardens! All of these squares will be passed on to charity, who will combine the squares to make blankets for those in need. 450 squares equate to approximately 4 good sized blankets to cover a single bed.

Some of our knitters are still making squares, which Is wonderful. Please let GACC know if you are continuing to knit, and we will continue to make safe collection or drop-off arrangements with you. All squares will be passed onto charity.

A heartfelt thank you to all who have supported this Community Project.