Welcome to Great Ashby

The Great Ashby Community is a thriving and growing one. Stevenage Town Centre has some superb amenities and facilities- by living in Great Ashby, residents get both easy access to these places as well as the benefits of living so close to the immediate countryside. It is a combination of these factors that attract so many people to Great Ashby.

The Great Ashby Community Council (GACC) is a little younger than Great Ashby itself as we were formed in 2011. GACC is working towards making Great Ashby as pleasant and an enjoyable a place to live as we can.

We look to support the Community in many ways, with some of the current activities being landscaping roundabouts, maintenance of a number of the playgrounds and the provision of dog-litter bins to name a few. We have provided financial grants to the Great Ashby Community Centre, as well as grants for groups who run classes and activities within the Community.

We periodically conduct a neighbourhood survey so we are able to focus on what the Community itself views as being important.

Welcome to the Great Ashby Community! We truly hope you enjoy living here.